Top 5 Great Things About Retirement

Top 5 Great Things About Retirement

Despite reduced income, possible social isolation, and boredom, retirement years can be fun, fulfilling and memorable. All you need to do is avoid pitfalls, do the right things, and find ways to stay positive and enjoy your golden years. There are so many great things about retirement that you should know about. Here are some of them.

  1. No more annoying alarm clock every morning

Many people who are still working usually have no choice but to set alarm clock to help them wake up, which means that they are ignoring their natural sleep cycle. Retirement gives you an opportunity to sleep enough and wake up when the body tells you to. Once you start waking up naturally, you will have more energy and you will rely less on coffee or any other stimulant to get you through the day.

  • You are the boss

People spend their working lives under some supervision. When working, we are always worried what our bosses or supervisors think of our general performance. We never know whether we could be fired the next day. But once you retire, you become the boss and you have total control over your schedule. This is actually among the most liberating and greatest things about retirement. It actually rekindles a unique feeling you have never had since you were a kid.

  • Quality time with loved ones

Retirement comes with a lot of free time. Even though your children are grown and working and you can’t have enough time with them, you have all the time to spend with your grandchildren. And if you are married or in a relationship, you will have quality time with your significant other like never before. Having more free time to spend with grandchildren and family is one of the greatest things about retirement. Summer time is the best opportunity to go with your grandchildren to the beach or to the zoo. You can also participate in various fun activities with your loved ones.

  • Reconnecting with long lost friends

The pressure and demands of work and responsibilities usually make it very hard or even impossible to keep in touch with friends as we would want to. Most retirees say that one of the greatest things they appreciate about retirement is that they have extra free time, which they use to make new friends and rekindle lifelong friendship.

  • No more standing in longue queues

Retirement comes with extra time and flexible schedules. Whether it is visiting a tourist attraction site, doing holiday shopping, or buying something from the grocery store, you can now go off hours or off days and avoid the crowds and long lines.